ExceptionALLy OPEN


Technology of today is possible only with Open Source, Standards & Collaboration

Technology of the future is coherently ALL OPEN.

Patryk Malina


Unique Value of Being


Open Source has redefined this world and made it a better place. One can hardly find any device not running it – from smartwatches to space stations.

Wide Open Source adoption is just the first step towards a brighter future. With our professional services, we advocate technological openness culture. Open APIs, Open Standards, Open Collaboration, Open Licensing, Open Data, literally speaking – All Open.

Training Workshops

The most technical Open Source training workshops heavily focused on hands-on and maximum outcomes.

Experience high-quality technical content organized and provided in a plausible way.

Why Us?


    Experience acquired during delivery of over 50 advanced (RHCA-level) training courses and further studies resulted in building unique practical training formula for maximum outcomes.

    Experience Open “I Can Do It” attitude on our Training Workshops!


    Embracing Open Source and the best DevOps practices to address real-life business challenges like timely delivery and growth response.

    Proven experience with 40k+ hosts, 100% SELinux coverage, 99% delivery time reduction, automated Kubernetes deployments, and more…


    Almost 20 years of passion for Open Source, supported with 12 years of professional experience and over 30 certifications in Clouds, Containers, Automation, DevOps, Linux, and Security.

    Continuous Improvement at its finest.