DevOps In Action

Absolutely practical use of Open Source software

in implementing the best DevOps practices

DevOps In Action


    DevOps, DevSecOps, NoOps, GitOps and more In Action! Learn how the best DevOps practices and Open Source tools can give you and your application a new lease of life!

    Throughout the course, participants will build fully automated enterprise-grade deployment pipeline for arbitrary application and its infrastructure using the best DevOps practices leveraging the most popular Open Source tools, clouds, and containers.

    Discover cutting edge Open Source software role in defining innovative future. This training workshop is a brave attempt to teach thinking out of the box. Technology blows fresh air into your sail but you need to learn how to steer the boat and this is the training objective.

DevOps in Action


1. Introduction – PLAN

  • What DevOps is and is not?
  • Learn Best Practices and Tools formula
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement with DevOps feedback loop
  • Open Source role & CNCF Landscape review
  • Lab environment

2. Rapid prototyping – PROTOTYPE

  • Practice: moving and failing with high performance
  • Tool: Vagrant, Virtual Machines, Containers
  • Lab

3. Source Code Management – CODE

  • Practice: branching models, version control, pull requests, code reviews, environments, protecting branches
  • Tool: git, GitLab
  • Lab

4. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) – BUILD

  • Practice:  CI/CD Pipeline as Code, webhooks, automatic isolated builds, reusable code, everything as code
  • Tool: Jenkins
  • Lab

5. Testing and Auditing – TEST

  • Practice: Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Inspection, AppSec, Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Tool: SonarQube
  • Lab

6. Credentials – SECURE

  • Practice: Credentials Management, Credentials Security
  • Tool: Vault
  • Lab

7. Artifact Management – RELEASE

  • Practice: Artifacts Management, Software Repository
  • Tool: Nexus
  • Lab

8. Containerized Deployment – DEPLOY/TEST

  • Practice: Deployment Driven Development, building, and running containers
  • Tools: Containers
  • Lab

9. Infrastructure as Code – DEPLOY/INFRA

  • Practice: Infrastructure as Code, DDD, Immutable Infrastructure, working with multiple environments
  • Tool: Terraform, Public Cloud
  • Lab

10. Configuration/State Management – DEPLOY/APP

  • Practice: Idempotence, State Enforcement, Continuous Deployment
  • Tool: Ansible
  • Lab

11. Production-Grade Deployment – DEPLOY/PROD

  • Practice: Release Management, Release Gates, Separating Development and Production Environments, ManualOps, GitOps
  • Tool: Public Cloud
  • Lab

12. Monitoring and Alerting – MONITOR

  • Practice: Monitoring, Log Aggregation, Visualization, Alerting
  • Tool: EFK (ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana), ElastAlert
  • Lab

13. Automating Operations – OPERATE

  • Practice: Continuous Deployment, State Enforcement, NoOps
  • Tool: RunDeck, OSSEC
  • Lab

14. Implementing DevSecOps – HARDEN

  • Practice: Hardening, Compliance as Code, Security as Code, OWASP, CIS, Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Tool: OSSEC, Inspec, ZAP, Arachni
  • Lab


Your Instructor

Patryk Malina owner

Red Hat Certified Architect Level XII

Splunk Certified Architect




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DevOps In Action focuses on the best practices, Open Source tools and their integration into delivery pipelines. It is neither intended nor possible to deep dive into every tool. However, you will understand their purpose in the context of DevOps loop and the fact that each can be replaced by some other.

Agenda is prone to change due to the fact that software is evolving fast and we strongly prefer those “as code” capable.

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