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Enterprise Linux 8 In Action

What about it?

    Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8, and derivatives like CentOS 8, have truly revolutionized concepts of software, security, and container management.

This major technological leap can be really confusing:

    After finding the answers you are only half way through as you also need to learn new system features like:

    … to name a few. I have spend endless hours studying those aspects, often analyzing the source code. Luckily, you don’t have to!

    I have extensively used my 15+ years of Linux experience and 10+ years working as instructor to prepared this training course to guide you through all must-know concepts of Enterprise Linux 8. What is really unique about this course is that upon completion you will:

Knowledge in a Nutshell

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and why I created  this course

Who am I

Patryk Malina owner

    Hi! I am Patryk Malina, the founder of All Open and the former CTO of the biggest Open Source company in my country. I dedicated my entire professional career to Open Source solutions.

    Throughout over 15 years I led 10s of projects, trained 100s of students, committed 1 000s of lines of code and simultaneously pushed changes to 10 000s of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS hosts.

    I am especially proud of passing over 20 Red Hat exams to achieve Red Hat Certified Architect Level XII certification. Only a few have gone that far.

    Knowledge sharing is my passion. I have conducted many studies to figure out that there is an optimal balance between theoretical introduction, practical demos and hands-on labs. That’s why my students learn fast and remain able to apply newly acquired skill for years.

    I pay a great deal of attention to every aspect of security, which you will quickly realize during the course. Any decision may have security implications so I always highlight that.

    These days I focus primarily on knowledge sharing and container solutions that work in any cloud and on-premise, and scale out to the moon and back! Securely! Last but not least, I value the sense of humor 🙂


10 Chapters

12 Hands-on Labs

90+ Lectures

4h30m of Video

Q&A Access


All Slides in PDF

Source Code

MP3 Recordings

More than you think


Chapters summary

Course content

Understand course goals and objectives.

Perform Enterprise Linux 8 Installation.

Prepare work environment necessary to complete the Labs.

Use new RPM and DNF features.

Manage software using Application Streams.

Install and manage multiple Python versions.

Install, configure and use Cockpit web interface.

Configure user terminal recording.

Use the new suite of Container Orchestration Tools in post-Docker era.

Accordion Content

Practice Labs

Dedicated Web Page

The course is supported with an online web page with Lab Setup instructions and more than 10 hands-on Labs to boost your learning experience. Have a look at the screenshot.

Dedicated Lab page screenshot

Professional Lab Software

I have spent endless hours to create and RPM package that will:

All you need to run Labs is a virtual machine. I have never experienced so professional Labs in any training course!

and ratings


Over 200 students have already enrolled!

    I must say it’s a very well thought course. The lecturer is explaining the contents clearly and precisely. Add on is also the possibility to double check what learned along with supporting material and labs. Well Done Excellent Work !!

Giuseppe Carboni
DevOps Engineer

    It is impressive coverage of the subject with detailed demonstrations and explanations by instructor with a real engineering background. And especially I would like to highlight the approach of processing the labs, which is making impression of the full interactive class. I enjoyed the course . I will be going through this course again because of the massive amount of material covered. I am glad I chose this course.

Vladyslav Trushyn
Senior Linux Engineer

    Awesome! Numerous interesting and useful things were discussed here. Things like podman, cockpit, dnf and other are described widely

Michał Korycki, Ph.D.
Senior DevOps Engineer
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The course is hosted on Udemy. You need to register on Udemy to purchase and access the course. We will communicate using that training platform.

Of course! 5 major new chapters were added since course publication which more than doubled its content.

Forever. You buy it, you own it. No tricks.

Sure, the course is offered on a platform where you can ask me directly. Privately or publicly – that’s up to you.

No, unfortunately. The course is created for professionals who seek to master CentOS 8 and Enterprise Linux 8.

Yes. My students have confirmed that they find themselves comfortable with the course content.

Absolutely yes! The course was created for professionals seeking to efficiently learn version 8.

In the light of the course content minor differences between these distributions are irrelevant. Software management, container orchestration tools, etc. all remain the same.

In fact, different chapters were presented on different Linux distributions.

About 5 hours without the labs.

About 10-15 hours (depending on your individual pace) completing the labs which I strongly recommend.

No, I work independently to create high quality vendor-neutral content. With the current promo, you would need to spend at least 50x more on the authorized training.

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What I can do for you?

Do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to ask my anything!

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