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Training Method

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10-20-70 FORMULA

Experience gained from spending over a year in a classroom, delivering authorized training courses for the biggest Open Source companies, A/B testing, and further studies, led me to develop unique 10-20-70 training formula.

10-20-70 is a percentage balance between theory, demo, and hands-on labs. That is, during most of the workshop, 10% of the time is spent on theory, 20% on live demonstration, and conversely 70% on practical tasks.

WHY 10-20-70?

Simply because for most of the students it is the most efficient way to learn. At All Open, special attention is paid to the entire education process.

This unique method ensures optimal training time utilization and maximum outcomes as it takes into account human body concentration and memorization capabilities. Last but not least, practical experience pays off in your daily work.

Your Instructor


        Patryk Malina, the founder of All Open and the former CTO of the biggest Open Source company in Poland, has dedicated his entire professional career to Open Source solutions.

        Throughout 15 years he helped many organizations in solving complex problems with modern technologies, automation, best DevOps practices and, of course, Open Source. Patryk led 10s of projects, trained 100s of students, committed 1000s of lines of code and simultaneously pushed changes to 10000s of hosts.

        As Certified Red Hat and Mirantis Instructor, he led many training courses corresponding to certificates listed in this section.

        In addition to that, he had a pleasure to present or run workshops on well-recognized conferences, like Open Source Day, OpenStack Summit, and Red Hat Partner Conference. He is a frequent participant in KubeCon and CloudNativeCon, Open Source Summit, Red Hat Summit, and on.

Achievements in Numbers

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Red Hat Certificates
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IT Certificates earned after practical exams
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RHCA-level training courses delivered

Earned Certificates

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator and Engineer (RHCSA and RHCE)
  • Red Hat Certified Architect Level XII (RHCA)
    • Level XII translates to completion of 16 practical expertise-level exams
    • Expertise in OpenShift, OpenStack, Virtualization, Hardening, Performance Tuning, Ansible, Puppet, SELinux, Clustering, JBoss Middleware, Satellite, and more
  • Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist
  • Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
  • Mirantis Certified Administrator for OpenStack
  • Splunk Certified Architect
  • and many others…

Going Extra Mile

Conducting training workshop is great but not enough. Check out how we strive for excellence and discover the extra value.

If a course you are attending does not meet your expectations you can resign before the second day starts.

Full cost return and no questions asked.

We authored all the training workshops.

You won’t find them anywhere else.

All the training content and labs are continuously updated.

You wouldn’t let your systems become out of date. Why let training materials to?

Instructor leads training workshops for at most 20% of his working time. Reduced availability is compensated by real-world skills and exclusiveness.

Say goodbye to “professional theoreticians” who never solved real technical or business problem.

We have absolute freedom in choosing the best piece of technology to fulfil given goals. As an instance DevOps in Action comprehensively reviews available solutions rather than favouring some single vendor.

Forget about hidden sales pitches and biased view.

Our unique training methodology involves minimum slides and maximum practice.

Say no to theoretical courses that give you no benefits in everyday work. Some claim slides are enough to learn DevOps…

Available Workshops

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CI/CD as Code, Infrastructure as Code, Artifacts & Configuration Management, Containers, and the best DevOps practices In Action.